• Are you a business owner, or practitioner who works directly with Clients or Customers, and feel who have been affected by the recent natural disasters? 
  • Have you noticed waves of anxiety, sadness, brain fog, slow motion, or other feelings of inner disorientation
  • Without realizing it, the impulse to share can either heal or perpetuate trauma in both directions. Would you like to feel confident that when you share stories, you anchor depth and support resilience?

Come for a quick, practical session next Saturday in which you can learn to: 

  1. Recognize when natural empathy, interest, feelings, or sharing turned into trauma.
  2. Understand primary reaction patterns (yours & others).
  3. Shift states. Listen and share in an embodied way that

  4. Get centered, & lay grounding resilience foundations for yourself and your customers.

  5. Map your customer and community identity & role

Businesses who care for customers create trusted containers: places to rest, unwind, heal and resource. Trauma unconsciously spreads in containers. This is an unusual situation with invisible costs as well.

I perceive a distinct resilience + recovery need among business owners with direct community contact. You perform a vital community function which in this kind of situation can contain and create ground for resilience, or accidentally perpetuate trauma (in both directions). As part of our community TRIAGE, I will offer a brief hour 'Trauma Resilience 101' session to address the most immediate needs: 

(1) recognition, (2) re-grounding & state-shifting, & (3) resilience foundations. 

Please come and bring anyone else who has been affected by the experience of tending clients and customers amid the aftermath. next Saturday in Ojai, and another session TBA in Ventura.

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To speak with Nusa about this session, or other mapping, coaching, facilitation, or other projects, phone 301-537-5775. 

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Let us heal & recover together well.