• AZU Restaurant (map)
  • 457 East Ojai Avenue
  • Ojai, CA, 93023
  • United States
  • Does someone you love express “you just don’t understand me”  feelings?
  • Have you wished for an instruction manual for a valued relationship?
  • Would your life, or work be smoother and more energized if they felt your deep empathy?
  • Does your important someone mystify you with some of their priorities?


In this engaging 2.5 hour deep-dive workshop (5:30 - 8pm) we will: 

  • awaken & activate empathic sensing
  • learn to recognize & sense the 3 basic instincts that make or break relationships more than personality patterns. and Identify them in an important relationship
  • gain an overview of Personality Archetypes through the Enneagram Personality Spectrum.

Nusa Maal has used, innovated, and taught these insights to clarify people & systems across cultures through her Visual Facilitation, Executive Coaching, Speaking and Organizational consulting practice, bringing clarity to joint ventures, team launches, organizational transformations and personal healing and resolutions.