Life Map with Nusa

Over a course of six  45 minute sessions, Nusa will guide you as she has top executives and communities — to let Visual Mapping bring you perspective, put life events into a larger context, clarify what most matters, and support you to make practical healthy choices as you map out priorities and actions that are most aligned with your "raison d'être." 

Clarity and accurate perspective create efficiency and the freedom to soar. Yet it is rare to turn down the noise of every day pressures, possibilities and expectations. And when we do — in nature, on holiday, in yoga, meditation, or other mind-clearing activity, we (appropriately) tend to leave the strategic director behind too. Nusa's multi-sensory methods allow us to bring our deep soulful call, and our heart's desire into an arena big enough to also welcome the practicalities of our personal and professional paths. 

Multi-sensory methods bring the benefits of deep embodied inner intelligence, together with the silence, space, perspective and wisdom of a birds eye, mountaintop view, and then use the self-organizing nature of natural formations and visual intelligence to practical path-making that seems to chart itself. Using subtle human intelligence brings organic alignment so efficiently that what used to feel like pushing work, feels like grace and flow.

In this workshop, Nusa will teach and guide participants to map key life learnings, find deep alignment, and gain perspective on the past for a deeply aligned Future map. Participants will:

  • Get exclusive access to downloadable worksheets and templates for mapping exercises.

  • Review the last year (or relevant time frame) through a Resilient Learning Lookback, and take a multilayered look at the various streams of events, impacts, supports, and lessons from which to draw forward.

  • Create a personal Value Map. Once we clarify what most matters, positioning those parts of ourselves on a baseline template becomes a practical reference for any critical decision-making. We will apply learning lenses to discern: our current life balance, and draw on insights from challenging time, as well as recipes for peak and flow states. These insights will culminate into the Value-centric life balance map; clarifying a soul-aligned balance with signals to help re-connect with what most matters when it is not so evident.Future Mapping. This exercise, used with futurists, multinational companies and organizations, and various leaders and influencers, is a deceptively simple practice we recommend for individuals and teams. Research indicating that writing our aims increases our chances of achieving them by 65% has been re-confirmed in various settings for decades. And the #1 barrier to success is unconscious resistance. Boost your aim with the deep alignment embedded in this multisensory practice..

This introductory 6-week online workshop will be open to people by invitation and referral. You will be sent a welcome right-fit questionnaire to help us understand your needs, and to assure that this course is likely to meet (and exceed) your expectations. People will particularly benefit who want clarity after change, to bring deeper balance to their lives, chart a practical success path for the near and/or long term future that is aligned with what most matters. In the process, participants will also deepen understanding of what Multisensory Leadership might look like in their lives. Clarify strengths and capabilities, blocks, and ways through. Participants will be sent a preparatory questionnaire. Each session will consist of an educational segment, followed by questions and answers. Participants are encouraged to bring a situation with will benefit from their multisensory leadership.

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